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I have been woodworking for most of my life, having worked in furniture shops, cabinets shops and even spent many years remodeling homes. Wood is such a unique medium, the variety of grain and color make for so many possible combinations, it keeps the interest fresh and continuing.

I like to create pieces that have simple forms that help bring focus to the natural beauty of the grain and color of the wood. Much of the pieces shown on this site are lathe turned. I am always in pursuit of perfecting eye pleasing forms. As with any artistic endeaver, the more you work with a medium the better chance you will learn to produce pieces with a sense of balance and harmony. I use my own unique techniques to help my work stand out, especially in the area of finish. I put a lot care and time in the finishing process, my goal is to create a micro finish that protects the wood while giving a true wood feel.

This site is very much a gallery of my work. The set up is fairly straight forward, with thumbnails that enlarge into larger images that link to, in most instances a listing at one of my Etsy stores. If a link does not take you to an Etsy listing, please contact me and I can give you more detailed information about the piece you are interested in. If you find something no longer available I am glad to reproduce a piece to match a similar shape and or grain as much as possible. Special orders are welcome.

Thanks for stopping by.

Scott Ingham   Modified 10 January 2020